May 12, 2015

Business Development

How to identify, recruit, orient and assess your board.

1. The World of Nonprofits

Are you just starting a nonprofit organization or are you new to nonprofits? This course will introduce you to aspects of the nonprofit sector, how it differs from for-profit business, and how it relates to running your organization. You will learn how to identify funding sources, plan for the future and define service areas.

2. Preparing to Run a Nonprofit Organization 

You have decided to go for it – and you need to know how…this seminar will introduce you to aspects of the nonprofit sector and how it relates to your organization. You will be trained on developing a clear mission statement, identifying elements of an organizational structure, how to identify target populations, writing target population descriptions and how to plan for the organization.

3. Board and Staff Roles and Relationships 

When developing a strong Board of Directors it is important that board members are equipped with a variety of information. This course will show you how to choose new board members, identify functions of a great board, be familiar with board member job descriptions, responsibilities of board members, how to establish an Executive Committee and understand the relationship between the Board of Directors and the staff.

4. Strategic Planning 

Need to have a planning session but don’t know where to start? This course is designed to assist you in determining what you want to accomplish, how to get there and assist you in preparing pre-work and documentation to outline your strategic plan for your organization.

5. How to Market Your Organization

Getting your organization noticed can be a full time occupation. If you have a limited amount of time to spend on marketing, this course is for you. Learn how to get free publicity, make contacts with media personalities, and how to launch a marketing campaign that allows you to perform other aspects of your job.

6. Basic Grant Writing 

Getting money for your organization doesn’t have to be hard. This course will help you get started by providing you with the tools to research funding sources, give you tips and buzz words on writing proposals, give you the pros and cons of local and out-of-state funding.

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