May 12, 2015

Team Building

Team building exercises consist of a variety of tasks designed to develop group members and their ability to work together effectively.

1. Interpersonal Skills and Relationships

Co-workers not getting along? This course is designed to assist employees in identifying the barriers that break down communication. Participants will learn how to interact with co-workers without conflict, how to build relationships, identify personality styles and how they are affected by them.

2. Coping With Personal Stress in the Workplace©

Ah – Relief! This course will help participants identify the source of stress, solutions to overcome stressors, use Stress Busters, and use the L.A.P.A.T.© technique to handle upset customers and co-workers.

3. Team Building

Learn how to build a loyal and cohesive team that is effective and motivated. This course shares techniques for working as a team, understanding the value of each team member, how to define accountability for team members and how to develop a shared mission statement.

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