May 12, 2015

Effective Communication

The way in which a diverse group of people will be able to understand the issues and make decisions for effective change.

1. Effective Telephone Techniques©

Telephone techniques that will help you sound more professional and fine tune your telephone skills. You will learn key words and phrases to use when handling the busy telephones in your office. After the course you will be able to handle upset clients, organize your work space, eliminate distracting background noises and sound like a star on the telephone.

2. Effective Communication For Managers and Supervisors

This course is designed to assist you in the fine art of effective communication. This training session will provide tools and techniques to identify barriers that break down communication, how to identify when “perception” becomes reality, how to effectively listen and delegate along with using L.A.P.A.T.© to diffuse angry co-workers or customers.

3. Business Communications 

Effective written communication is a must for every organization. Training includes, establishing memorandum styles to be used by your organization, defining qualities of good business communications, how to distinguish appropriate and inappropriate writing styles and how to use correct punctuation and grammar in your letters.



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