May 12, 2015

Customer Service Training

Teaching employees the knowledge, skills, and competencies required to increase customer satisfaction.

1. Delivering Extraordinary Customer Service – 6 Week Course

This course helps organizations achieve a superior Customer Service Climate. Extensive training in all areas of customer service delivery is provided over 6 weeks in order to  change attitudes, learn techniques and to perform role play exercises in which the participants receive feedback and experience in handling customer service issues appropriately.    The participants would attend sessions that would meet for 2 – 3 hours once a week.  Meeting consistently over this period of time will ensure that there is adequate follow-up, cultivate a customer service attitude and teach participants the skills and techniques to succeed with customers.

The sessions would include:

  •  Identifying and learning customer expectations
  •  Identifying superior Customer Service
  •  Identifying appropriate language to use when speaking to customers
  •  Identifying barriers to effective listening
  •  How to effectively listen
  •  How to have a “helpful and enthusiastic” attitude
  •  How to provide personable service
  •  Telephone Techniques
  •  Creating urgency and ownership of a customer’s problem
  •  Creating a Customer Service Team environment

2. Winning Customers Through Customer Satisfaction©

Providing excellent customer service is a must for companies that want to be leaders in their field and build long lasting relationships with their customers. Successful companies focus on delivering customer satisfaction. In this workshop participants will learn how to make personal connections that build customer loyalty, meet and exceed customers’ expectations, greet customers professionally and courteously, apply telephone techniques that calm irate customers, tune out distractions and cope with stress in the workplace.

3. Leading Your Team in Providing Excellent Customer Service

This course outlines strategies and techniques for supervisors on how to lead your team in providing excellent Customer Service. Training includes: how to motivate personnel to give quality customer service, promote your organization’s programs, and how to create incentives for staff.

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