May 12, 2015

Management Training

Training to achieve specific goals of improving one’s capability, capacity, and performance.

1. Professional Presence

This course provides with tips and techniques that establish a professional presence when interacting with clients and team members.  Participants are provided examples of written, verbal and nonverbal communication that increases or reduces professional credibility.  Participants also learn how to dress professionally and appropriately in business settings along with guidelines and tips for entertaining clients.

2. How to Stand Out in Your Organization and Advance to The Next Level©

Participation in this information packed seminar will help you discover just where you fit in your organization while finding out what it will take to advance to the next level. Learn the secrets to building relationships that will help you gain endorsements and earn projects that demonstrate your skills and expertise to upper management. Receive critical materials that help you chart your career path, set goals and perform self-assessments of your individual skills. Discover ways to excel in your current position and explore what it takes to advance in your career.

3. Management Team and Staff – Roles and Relationships

When developing a strong Management Team it is important that members of management are equipped with a variety of information. This course will show you how to work with other managers, identify functions and characteristics of a great management team, responsibilities of the management team, how to establish open communication among the management team and understand the relationship between Management and the staff.

4. Time Management for Managers

Not enough hours in the day? This course will provide you with easy to apply tools to help you successfully manage your time. You will learn how to make time work for you, plan effectively, identify time wasters, and how to build “crisis time” into your busy work day.

5. Effective Office Management

How to successfully manage your office. In this course you will learn various methods to setting up an office, office automation, administrative record keeping, purchasing and how to budget to run the office.

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