May 12, 2015

Other Training Topics

Useful topics that contribute to an individual’s success and development.

1. Managing Your Workload 

Do you feel like your work load is growing beyond belief? Do you find stacks of work piling high on your desk and you never seem to really “get to it”? This course will help you get organized, teach you how to establish high, medium and low priorities, prepare a task sheet, teach you how to delegate up and down. This workshop will help you get your workload in order.

2. Train The Trainer

Have you been asked to train your employees, but haven’t ever received instructions on how to train? This course helps you identify what it takes to have a dynamite training session. How to set up the material, the room, location and engage participants. You will learn the basics of effective training and how to build your own “trainer’s kit” that will keep you prepared for any emergency you will encounter in the physical set up of the training session.

3. Effective and Powerful Presentations

This course will help you design eye-catching presentations that show off your material. You will learn the elements of an effective presentation, how to prepare for your target audience, what presentation aides to utilize, what to wear and what not to wear, and how to prepare an interesting introduction.

4. Credit Unions & You

The principles that Credit Unions and the Credit Union Movement were founded on will be shared in this informative workshop. Learn who the founding fathers of credit unions were and how credit unions differ from banking institutions.




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